• Jon Flore Mills Owner/Personal Trainer

    As a former national swimmer and semi professional soccer player, Jon has had a life long passion for training and nutrition. He has been working in the fitness industry for over a decade, beginning his career as a soccer coach. Jon is a Master Kettlebell trainer and has worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life, getting amazing results using a variety of functional tools. From free weights, kettlebells, suspension training, free motion training and boxing, his approach keeps the training effective and fun.

    Jon believes his role as a trainer is to empower his clients to understand the full potential of their bodies, specific training techniques and nutrition. Through continued education he prides himself on keeping up to date with the latest training and nutrition techniques, which he passes on to his clients. Jon is driven by achieving the best results for his clients and strives to keep raising the bar higher every day.


    • Bsc Sport Science
    • JMT Back, Core and Corrective Exercise Qualified
    • ADPF Master Kettlebell Certification (Distinction)
    • ADPF Advanced Kettlebell Certification (Distinction)
    • ADPF Kettlebell Certification
    • OLY-WOD Olympic Lifting Certification
    • TRX Suspension Trainer Certified
    • Tecnogym Power Plate Certification
    • PadBox Certification
    • Fitness Kickboxing – Level 1 Instructor
    • Certified PiYO Instructor
    • Red Cross CPR C and AED Certified
  • Jana Flore Mills Owner/Personal Trainer

    As a former World Class Athlete and an experienced Personal Trainer, Jana can acknowledge that leading a healthy lifestyle is not about fashionable fitness trends. It is about adopting a no-nonsense, functional approach to training that creates faster, longer lasting results.

    Jana has experience training a wide variety of clients from the ages of 16-87, and by adapting her style and coaching techniques, she has helped each discover a fitter, healthier lifestyle. Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength, build lean muscle, improve balance or coordination, strengthen from an injury or tone and define, Jana can teach you how to succeed safely and efficiently. At JMTraining we provide all the guidance needed to help you restructure your training and diet to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals and unleash your true potential. Sessions are always high energy, creative and fun! Jana is a highly motivated person who is inspired by those who wish to make the change to lead a healthier lifestyle. In turn, she hopes to also inspire you through this process.


    • CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer
    • TRX Suspension Trainer Certified
    • Kbell Trainer Certification
    • JMT Back, Core and Corrective Exercise Qualified
    • Fitness Kickboxing – Level 1 Instructor
    • Certified PiYO Instructor
    • C.H.E.K. Institute Scientific Back Specialist
    • DWS Fitness – Nutrition Periodization
    • PCES 2.0 Pre and Post Natal Corrective Exercise Certified
    • Red Cross CPR C and AED Certified
  • Luke Walton
    Luke Walton Personal Trainer

    Fitness has been a huge part of my life from a very young age. Sports have brought me many opportunities in life from playing soccer in Spain to playing football for the University of Guelph. As a young athlete improving in sport has been one of my main motivators. I am passionate about learning how to help myself and others become stronger, faster, more agile and flexible for sport and everyday life.

    I majored in Human Kinetics at the University of Guelph and I am always looking to build on this knowledge. As a personal trainer, I love to apply what I have learned in my degree to help you reach and exceed your goals through the training and lifestyle strategies we teach at JMTraining & the Fitness Junction.

    I bring a fresh and different style to the team and can’t wait to help you achieve the awesome, long lasting results you’re looking for!


    • CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer
    • CanFit Pro Holistic Nutrition Certified
    • JMT Back, Core and Corrective Exercise Qualified
    • JMT Kettlebell Qualified
    • JMT TRX Qualified
    • CPR and AED Certified
  • Jessica Gingrich
    Jessica Gingrich Personal Trainer

    Jesse is very proud to be working at Fitness Junction and for JMTraining as she has always been passionate about health and fitness. Growing up in Mont-Tremblant, she was fortunate enough to spend most of her time on the ski hill. She has always loved being active and played basketball and rugby until her entrance into university.

    She took her undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo in Kinesiology where she graduated with honours. She has a strong passion for corrective exercise, rehabilitation and nutrition and is excited to help clients reduce pain, become stronger and to live a better and healthier life! She is so excited to empower you to reach your goals with the years of expertise she’s gained studying human movement and working alongside the JMTraining & Fitness Junction Team.


    • BSc. Honours Kinesiology
    • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
    • JMT Kettlebell Qualified
    • JMT TRX Qualified
    • JMT Back and Core Corrective Exercise Qualified
    • JMT Pre/Post Natal Corrective Exercise Qualified
    • DICE Certified (Dementia-Inclusive Choices for Exercise)
    • ISSA CPR & AED Certified
  • David Watkinson
    David Watkinson Personal Trainer

    Growing up as an athlete, being active was simply a part of everyday life for David. From rugby, soccer, swimming, cross country and long-distance track and field, sport was integral to ensuring he stayed active and healthy. However, as David grew up, life got in the way and he found he had developed some bad habits, leaving his health at risk. It was in that realization that David’s passion for fitness developed, as he transformed his own health with the help of circuit style training.

    After 7 years of participating in and helping other trainers run classes, David became a personal Trainer, TRX and Circuit Training Instructor and Fitness Coach. After experiencing the benefits of exercise in his own fitness journey and how much better he felt, David was thrilled to be able to help others turn their health around. He thrives off sharing his experience as a client and trainer, to help mentor others pursuing their own transformations and careers in fitness!

    Want to transform with someone who has been on a similar path and who has over a decade of experience? David will ensure your journey is fun and that you feel heard and inspired daily!


    • CanfitPro – Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS)
    • Canfit Pro Fascia, Movement and Assessment Certified
    • JMTraining Kettlebell Qualified
    • JMTraining Back, Core & Corrective Exercise Qualified
    • BA and MA University of Guelph
    • REPS UK – Personal Trainer Level 3
    • TRX Instructor Qualified
    • St. John’s Ambulance Emergency First Aid and CPR ‘C’
  • Mary Reid
    Mary Reid Personal Trainer

    Passionate about movement and education, Mary grew up training in ballet and fell in love with yoga and fitness as a teenager, sparking a lifelong commitment to health and wellness. During her graduate studies, Mary’s passion for healthy living led her to pursue her yoga teacher training in order to help people improve their lives through the many benefits and joys of yoga and fitness. She earned her PhD in Literature from the University of California, San Diego in the same year that she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Shiva Rea in Los Angeles, and she has been helping people get fit and lead healthy lives ever since. Now a Certified Personal Trainer, PiYo LIVE Instructor, Pilates Mat Instructor, and 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Mary brings over a decade of experience helping people fall in love with health and fitness and get their best results while enjoying the journey.

    As a teacher and trainer, Mary believes that every person is unique, and she helps clients achieve results safely, effectively and efficiently through programs designed specifically for each individual. She believes that health and fitness empower us to be our best selves and that when we tap into our deepest motivation, the WHY behind our health and fitness goals, we can achieve absolutely anything.

    Mary’s passion and mission is to help people reach and go beyond their health and fitness goals to achieve balanced, sustainable, optimal health and wellbeing in order to live their happiest and healthiest lives.


    • CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer
    • JMT Back, Core and Corrective Exercise Qualified
    • JMT TRX Qualified
    • JMT Kettlebell Qualified
    • 500-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
    • Certified Pilates Mat Instructor
    • Certified PiYo LIVE Instructor
    • Certified Prana Vinyasa® Yoga Teacher
    • Certified Power Yoga for Sports® Elite Master Coach
    • Certified Ultimate Portion Fix® Master Coach
    • Red Cross CPR and AED Level C Certified
  • Laura Paaren
    Laura Paaren Yoga Instructor

    Laura’s yoga journey began in 2011 where she instantly fell in love with the practice and only 2 years later she completed her Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles. Since then she has consistently been teaching a variety of heated and non-heated yoga classes including ha tha, vinyasa flow and yin in Guelph and surrounding areas. She is continually educating herself with various styles of yoga, learning postures and modifications to create sequences that make yoga accessible to everyone, no matter their age or fitness level.

    Laura’s upbeat but challenging classes will motivate you to give 100%; to do your best in order to feel your best. She aims to encourage her students to discover and surprise themselves through sharing her love of yoga in upbeat, challenging and accessible classes.”

  • Erin Graham
    Erin Graham Fitness Instructor

    Erin has been passionate about fitness for many years. She has engaged in many different forms of activity over the years including marathon training, yoga, and strength training. Erin has found her passion in strength training and yoga and has learned the importance of building lean muscle, but also taking the time for self-care, stretching, and relaxation. Erin is a social worker and counsellor by profession and is a huge advocate for using exercise to combat stress and anxiety. Erin is passionate about helping people improve their mental health and cope with various life stressors. Erin recognizes the importance of finding balance in life and has a special interest in nutrition and its impact on the mind and body. Erin is excited to endeavor on a journey instructing classes with the Fitness Junction!

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