PiYO: The Best Kept Exercise Secret in Guelph

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PiYO: The Best Kept Exercise Secret in Guelph

If you haven’t heard of it before, we are here to let you in on this Fitness secret! PiYO is group exercise class that we brought to the Fitness Junction back in December 2016. After going on a course, we realized the amazing benefits of this very unique workout. The name implies it’s a fusion of Pilates and Yoga but it is so much more!

What to Expect?

We like to explain this class as the best of Pilates, Yoga, Body Weight Resistance and low impact cardio. In an hour you will strengthen, lengthen, stretch and tone your muscles while coordinating a variety of movements and holding poses.

Break it Down!

Just like any great workout you will start with a WARM UP. Then it’s onto HEAT BUILDING which is a great combination of stretching to warm your muscles and Sun Salutations to get your blood flowing. Then you get a great lower body blast with the LOWER BODY round! Get ready to bowl, lunge, squat and pulse your way to toned legs and strong glutes. FULL BODY FUSION is thrown in to test your balance and strength. POWER comes next to get your heart rate up and sweat dripping. At this point you earned your FLOW section where you will hold some classic yoga poses as well as learn some new, creative moves. CORE & MORE is up next to challenge every area of your core and back. Finally our STRETCH & STRENGTH round perfectly pairs one exercise to get those muscles stronger and one to stretch them out. Finish with a COOLDOWN and go away with this feeling of great accomplishment, having challenged your body but also rewarded it at the same time.

Sign Me Up!!

PiYO takes place at Fitness Junction every Tuesday at 7am and 6pm as well as Saturday at 10am. The first class is free for all new participants so you can come on out and try! No catch…okay okay you may just want to come more after, but we can’t help that from happening! What are you waiting for? Come join the latest and greatest fitness craze and see how it can get you feeling your fittest and healthiest yet!

Book your FREE pass online at:  https://thefitnessjunction.com/classes

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